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El Bayrli Inner, nuestro delicioso e increíblemente absorbente pañal ajustado de cáñamo, es nuestra respuesta a una pregunta tan común: ¿Qué puede llevar mi bebé durante la noche o en un avión?

Con 9 capas en total de absorción, cuando se combina con nuestro exterior impermeable Bayrli Tu bebé durará horas cómodamente mientras puedes descansar tranquilo sabiendo que son frescos pero cómodos y a prueba de fugas.

Diseñado para su tranquilidad, elija entre un lujoso interior de vellón blanco o un interior de vellón de fibra de café, y puede crear capas adicionales de absorción si su bebé lo necesita. La fibra de café es exactamente lo que crees que es; ¡los granos de café sin usar reciben una segunda vida al ser molidos y reciclados para crear hilo para nuestro interior!

Cada Inner incluye dos refuerzos a presión: uno de bambú con cubierta de vellón y un refuerzo de cáñamo para ajustarse a la absorción que su bebé necesita.

Deshazte de los desechables para la noche y elige reducir y reutilizar con una opción aún más absorbente.

Exterior: 3 layers hemp (55% cotton, 45% hemp)
Interior: 100% polyester fleece
- 3 layer bamboo (80% bamboo, 20% polyester) topped with 1 layer fleece (100% polyester)
- 3 layer hemp (55% cotton, 45% hemp)

Certification(s): CPSIA compliant. Tested by a Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) accepted test lab. Free from harmful chemicals, materials, and metals.

Style: Hemp Fitted Diaper
Size: 10-35lbs / 4.5-16kg
Gussets: Single
Stay Dry?: Yes

Care: When soiled, knock solids into toilet. Do not use bleach or softeners. Do not soak. Machine wash at 40*C. May be tumble dried on low, preferably line dry.

Pair With: Diaper covers and additional boosters if necessary.

- Soft fleece interior (either coffee fibre or white) to keep baby dry overnight.
- 2 snap-in boosters, one bamboo topped with stay-dry fleece and one hemp so you can choose the absorbency your baby needs.
- Provides a total of 9 layers of absorbency.

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Charlotte Y.

Love the stay dry layer! Makes cleaning a breeze and you can customize it easily too which is a huge plus if you dont need it all.

Asyah A Azize
Must have

Do yourself a favor and just get them. They are hands down an essential and will make clean up easier. They help your baby sleep longer because they absorb so much more than the regulars.

Anja Donaldson
Life saver

No more washing bedding every morning = one happy mammy! We don’t even use the hemp booster yet that’s included and they’ve worked a treat. Absolutely brilliant 👍🏻

Heidi Jacobs
Perfect fit and absorbency

Life saver for our heavy wetting baby for night time. I bought more for day use too and take out the one booster to keep it slimmer.

Jackie Mumford
GREAT night sleep

GREAT night sleep (for me that is!) with this fitted diaper. Myself and my husband are beyond ecstatic to report that we slept a full night (what what!!) and so did our little girl. We used a wool cover as well as a Bayrli outer and never have had any leaking and our baby is happy every morning feeling dry. Cannot rave about these enough! It should say includes peace of mind for parents in the materials 😂

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