Who we are

We are Bayrli. Originally an American woman and an Irish man had a baby, and they realised just how expensive disposable diapers are. They also realised just how bad they were for the environment, all the way from production to disposal. So they used reusable diapers. Every reusable they tried worked well, but none were perfect. So why not change this? Put simply, Bayrli solved a need. By parents, for parents.

Where we're from

Bayrli has two bases from where we operate. Ireland and Pennsylvania, USA. All our operations are split between our offices, from design to testing and marketing to support. All our orders are shipped from these two locations too.

What we do

We design, test, and manufacture quality diapering systems for babies and eco-friendly products for women.

Why we do it

Because we care. We prioritise quality over quantity. We prioritise loyalty over sales. We prioritise people over profit. We prioritise sustainable design over common fads and fast fashion. And we get your order from our manufacturer's hands to your front door in a 100% carbon neutral manner. Because how we operate matters. We hold ourselves accountable to offset each and every emission, and to use sustainable energy and sources when and where we can.

Where we're going

As we grow, we will focus all our efforts on improving our current range, and carefully designing additional products and accessories to complement what we already manufacture. Every product will continue to have our unrivalled lifetime warranty and lifetime customer support.