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Bayrli®Beginners Guide to using Bayrli Inners

Beginners Guide to using Bayrli Inners

We have been thrilled to see such demand for our fitted diaper, the Bayrli Inner. Our overnight hemp diaper has been awarded a Baby Innovation Award for its incredibly snug fit and leak-proof design that will last your baby all night long. Perfect for a long day of travel when the next rest stop is unknown, a long flight where trips to the toilet can be incredibly awkward, or perfect for getting a full nights sleep knowing your baby is comfortable and their diaper will hold up.

We do get a lot of questions about our Inner fitted diaper and how to best use it on your baby so we thought we would answer them for you.

Our fitted cloth diaper is a pre-shaped diaper made to fit snugly just like any single-use diaper you may be familiar with. But instead of a hook and loop closure, we use durable snaps giving you unlimited ability to fit the diaper on your baby and adjust the sizing from birth all the way to potty training.

What are Bayrli Inners?

Bayrli Inners are our hemp fitted diaper. They have an hourglass shape when you lie them down on a flat surface. Soft and gentle elastics around the legs provide an incredibly snug fit and prevent leaks and blow-outs, you can even tuck in the frills for more containment if you wish. Bayrli Inners are a one-size fitted diaper; this means they can be adjusted as your baby grows and provide you with many different sizing options. With 9 total layers of absorbency when using both of the included boosters, when paired with our waterproof Bayrli Outer (our cloth diaper cover) your baby will last hours in comfort while you can rest easy knowing they are cool yet snug.

You choose from either a luxurious white fleece interior or coffee fiber fleece interior, and you can build your absorbency with the included boosters. Each Bayrli Inner includes two snap in boosters - one quick absorbing bamboo topped with a super soft stay dry fleece and one ultra-absorbent hemp booster to adjust for the absorbency your baby requires to get through the night.

Why are they called Inners?

Our Inner cannot be used on its own. It is masterful at absorbing and holding onto liquid, but the outside of the diaper may get damp when the liquids are fully locked in. For this very reason, we always advise that your Inner be paired with a waterproof cover. We have named our diaper covers Bayrli Outers.

How do I use Bayrli Inners?

Choose your boosters, if any, and snap them into the Inner. The fleece topped bamboo booster can be used on its own and provides a stay dry layer, or you may choose both boosters. In this case, be sure that the bamboo fleece booster is on top.

Next, lay your baby on top of the Inner so that the back of the diaper is just above the crack of their bottom, pull up the Inner through your babys legs and pull the sides around your babys waist and fasten with a snug fit. Do not snap the waist snaps too tight - you want to generally be able to fit one-two fingers between the diaper and your babys belly. These can be fit a bit more snug that other diaper options to prevent leaks.

Adjust the rise snaps located in the crotch area until the top of the diaper lays under the belly button and in line with your babys hips while tugging any excess fabric in the rise snap area up and under the waist snaps. Lastly, run your fingers along the inner gusset to make sure it is sitting in the panty line of your baby. If you wish, you can tuck in the frills of the diaper.

You will need to place an Outer over top of your Inner to make it waterproof.

And thats it!

When you want to change the diaper, remove the Outer first and then the Inner, clean your baby, and place a new Inner on or swap to an Everyday, Deluxe diaper or even swap to a flat or prefold and an Outer if you wish.

Many parents only need 4 or 5 Inners per day, but only need 1 or 2 Outers. We recommend wiping down the first Outer you use and swapping to your second Outer to allow the first cover to dry.

How do I get the best fit for my Inners?

Getting the right fit is essential to an enjoyable time diapering your baby.

Does your baby seem uncomfortable or are there any red marks around the thighs? Loosen the diaper. Most light red marks, or “sock” marks are normal from the elastics. If your baby has very red or irritated spots, then discontinue wear and monitor the area.

Are you experiencing leaks? Tighten the Inner via the rise or waist snaps and then the Outer if necessary, as they really are a leak-proof, blow-out proof, and waterproof combination when the fit is done properly.

Are Fitted Diapers suitable for me?

A fitted diaper provides a level of convenience and adjustability that other types of diapers simply dont. And, along with our Deluxe Diapers, they are the easiest to use. They are also part of the longest lasting system in our range when paired with an Outer.

If you have any questions please let us know and our expert team would be thrilled to help you out.

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