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Bayrli®Our Complete Guide to Reusable Period Pads

Our Complete Guide to Reusable Period Pads

Are They Comfy? Will They Fit Me?

Oh yes. Our primary focus is your comfort. Design that is so personal, so private must be comfortable ahead of anything else. It is remarkable just how many women tell us they'll never look back once they make the switch from single use pads to our Bayrli Period Pads. Our contoured shape follows your body and fits your underwear in all situations; indoors, outdoors, travel, exercise, etc. The popper tabs keep the pad in place. Simply choose the size to best fit you and you're all set.

Are Reusable Period Pads Hygienic?

Absolutely. After comfort, this is our next focus. Throughout our design process, we tested our pads to determine just how hygienic they are, and the reports showed 99% reduction in bacterial growth versus disposable menstrual pads, plus a 92% odour reduction. And perhaps beast of all, our Period Pads contain no nasty chemicals at all!

Will My Reusable Pads Leak?

We carefully designed our Reusable Period Pads for maximum comfort, high performance, and class-leading hygiene by using a contoured slim fit and carefully selected natural fabric as the topper material to lock in liquids. They’re slightly less likely to leak as disposable pads (which is a great thing in itself), however our Bayrli pads are even more absorbent than equivalent disposables. But sometimes leaks can happen. If you find they are leaking you may need to use the next size up or change the pad more often. Our team are super knowledgeable and will help you find the right pad if you are struggling or unsure, or just have some questions. 

Do I Need to Wash My Pads Before First Use?

We recommend that you wash your pad at least once to remove any manufacturing residue and any oils from the materials to help increase absorption. The more they are washed, the better they will absorb.

Can I Tumble Dry My Period Pads?

You can tumble dry on a low or cool setting, but we wouldn't recommend tumble drying after every wash if you are able to avoid it as it may damage the waterproof layer over time in some rare cases. Of course, don't forget you are protected by our lifetime warranty. Our Period Pads are fast drying so air drying or line drying won't take a long time. If hanging near a radiator, please be mindful of excessive temperatures as this will damage the lining and absorbency. Never place the period pads directly on the radiator itself.

Can I Wash My Pads With Other Clothes?

Of course, just treat your reusable period pads like you would your underwear, or indeed any other type of clothing.

Wash colours with colours and just remember the no fabric softener or harsh stain remover rule that every brand uses these days!

Do I Need to Rinse or Soak the Pads After Wearing Them?

Yes, we recommend it. In our tests, it is best to rinse them in cold water after use. Simply put, cold water is best for removing blood and reducing the chance of any staining occurring.

Once you remove the bulk of the blood from the pads, gently squeeze any excess water before storing. Do not soak the pads for more than 1-2 hours as it can affect the waterproofing material.

We encourage you to store them in your laundry basket or wet bag until you are ready to wash them. For the best experience, we advise you wash within 48 hours, and use a laundry powder for best results.

Do they smell?

Our Period Pads do not smell. Any smell usually comes from a build-up of bacteria on your pad. Make sure you rinse your pads as soon as you can after use, remove excess water, and store for up to 48 hours before washing.

Over 6 months of testing, Bayrli Period Pads achieved 92% odour reduction and 99% reduction in bacterial growth.

Will they stain?

Whilst staining is unfortunately possible, for best results we encourage a quick cold-water rinse by hand before you pop your Period Pads into either the wash or your laundry bag. If you are having stubborn stains, try soaking the pads for 1-2 hours after use.

If possible, we strongly advise against rinsing with hot water immediately after use, and we advise you don't let the pads dry out as it will cause the stains to set. In all cases, we recommend washing within 48 hours of use.

Can I Use Period Pads if I Have a Heavy Period?

Absolutely. Our pads are designed to do it all from a light flow to a heavy flow.

Some women have reported our pads can cope with postpartum bleeding, but we do advise caution in this regard as your flow may exceed the properties of the pad.


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