Bleached Cotton Prefold Diaper - 5 or 10 Pack


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The Bayrli Prefold Diaper is a wonderful option for parents who seek simplicity and versatility.

With 8 layers of maximum absorption in the centre of each prefold, and an additional 4 layers each side, many parents pad-fold the diaper in such a way to provide a whopping 16 layers of absorption!

With our prefold you are in control; you choose the fold and you can choose to boost with additional absorption options. You can also choose to fold our prefolds for your baby to wear like a fitted diaper under our Bayrli Outers with the help of a diaper fastener.

100% Organic Bleached Cotton

Certification(s): CPSIA compliant. Tested by a Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) accepted test lab. Free from harmful chemicals, materials, and metals. Sedex certified showing responsible manufacturing and ethically sourced materials.

Style: Prefold Diaper
- Size 1: 35cm x 40cm - 6lbs-16lbs
- Size 2: 38cm x 47cm - 15lbs-30lbs
Gussets: N/A
Stay Dry?: No

Care: When soiled, knock solids into the toilet. Do not use bleach or softeners. Do not soak. Machine wash at 40*C. May be tumble dried on low, preferably line dry.

Pair With: Diaper covers, pocket diapers, diaper fasteners, stay dry diaper liners, and if necessary, additional boosters.

- Have 4 - 8 - 4 layering for the maximum absorption in the center of the prefold (if pad folded you have 16 layers of absorption!) - Prefold diapers are extremely versatile as you can choose the fold style to best suit your baby.
- May be pad folded to fit inside of pocket diapers, or used under diaper covers.
- Can double as a burp cloth, swaddle, changing mat cover, etc.
- Are a wonderful choice if you do not have access to a dryer as they are fast to dry on the line.
- Can be used both day or night and are easily boostable.
- Can be worn around the baby like a fitted diaper with the use of a diaper fastener.

Customer Reviews

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Mallory L.

Used from about 3 weeks onwards in our covers and pocket diapers. No issues and easy to clean and fold for using again next time.


Easy to use

Taylor Green

I love prefolds and used them on my first baby. We have all size 1 prefolds (got these and bamboo) now for our second and when he goes to size 2 we’ll be getting more. We pad fold them rather than wear and fasten, but they could easily fit newborn to about 15lbs? Our boy still has little chicken legs so can use it for a while longer.

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