Bamboo Cotton Terry Diaper - 5 or 10 Pack


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The Bayrli Terry Diaper is an extremely versatile reusable diaper that puts you in control. You can choose the fold style to best suit your baby, and you can easily alternate depending on where you are or how you want the diaper to fit!

We recommend pairing with our Bayrli Outer for ultimate, leakproof peace of mind and fastening with a diaper fastener.

Bamboo cotton: 70% bamboo, 30% organic cotton

Certification(s): CPSIA compliant. Tested by a Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) accepted test lab. Free from harmful chemicals, materials, and metals. Sedex certified showing responsible manufacturing and ethically sourced materials.

Style: Terry Cloth Diaper
- Size 1: 60cm x 60cm
- Size 2: 70cm x 70cm
Gussets: N/A
Stay Dry?: No

Care: When soiled, knock solids into toilet. Do not use bleach or softeners. Do not soak. Machine wash at 40*C. May be tumble dried on low, preferably line dry.

Pair With: Diaper covers, diaper fasteners, stay dry diaper liners, and if necessary, additional boosters.

- Terry cloth diapers are extremely versatile as you can choose the fold style to best suit your baby.
- Best used under a diaper cover and a wonderful night diaper choice.
- Can double as a burp cloth, swaddle, changing mat cover, etc.
- Are a wonderful choice if you do not have access to a dryer as they are fast to dry on the line.
- Can be used both day or night and are easily boostable.
- Most folds will require a diaper fastener to hold in place.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

Lovely and soft, get us through the nights now with a cover or wool.

Linda Hussain

Very absorbent but size 2's are small. Like to wrap it around my baby. Wish it were bigger

Linda Hussain
Super absorbent but small

2 1/2 stars. They're very absorbent and incredibly soft, but the Size 2's are small. I like to wrap all my diapers around my baby to keep his number 2's contained. Pad folding isn't really an option. Hope to see larger sizes in the near future.

Veronica L
Bringing back the best

Terries are so hard to find in the US! We moved here from the UK and unfortunately never brought them with us and realised what a mistake it was until we found them here. Terries are great for our boys overnight and Bayrli haven't disappointed us at all. We were spoilt back home and now have a new go-to brand! If you're on the fence for using nappies overnight, try these. You can fold them the same as a flat that you use during the day and just pop on a nippa to fasten it exactly the same. I've yet to boost these and they're still getting us through 12+ hours.

Tulani Graham
Very absorbent

So when I got these flats I was a bit taken aback on how thick they were. They honestly look like thick bath towels. However they work really well as a nighttime diaper especially for a heavy wetter. They are bulky so I couldn’t bring myself to use them during the daytime. Also they are only about 27x27 for the size 2 and I need at least 30x30 for my 34lbs toddler. I was able to make some folds work tho. They were way to think imo to padfold. They took snappys well and pins ok. Overall I liked them they weren’t my fav to use just because I think a larger size would’ve fit my girl easier but they definitely did the job!

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