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Farbe: Berry Blue

Das Bayrli Outer ist unsere schlichte und effektive Windelhülle.

Dies ist eine wirklich auslaufsichere und ausblassichere Option, wenn sie mit einem beliebigen Inner von uns kombiniert wird.

Sorgfältig entworfen, um eng über dem Bayrli Inner zu sitzen, und mit zusätzlichen Gummibändern und doppelten Seitenfalten, um ein Auslaufen zu verhindern, ist es ein unverzichtbarer Begleiter des Inner . Wir haben diese Passform auch so konzipiert, dass sie Ihrem Baby beim Wachsen hält, mit einer doppelten Reihe von Druckknöpfen an der Taille, mit denen Sie die Größe der Taille unabhängig von den Beinen anpassen können. Auf diese Weise benötigen Sie nur eine Größe für Ihr Baby, bis es aufs Töpfchen geht.

Wählen Sie aus einer coolen Palette von Drucken und Farben. Unsere Bayrli Outers bestehen zu 100 % aus recyceltem Material aus gebrauchten Plastikflaschen!

Wasserdicht und dennoch atmungsaktiv, dehnbar und dennoch eng anliegend und zwischen den Wäschen mehrfach wiederverwendbar. Cleveres Design in seiner minimalen Bestform für Sie.

Waterproof shell: 100% polyester

Certification(s): CPSIA compliant. Tested by a Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) accepted test lab. Free from harmful chemicals, materials, and metals.

Style: Diaper Cover
Size: 10-40lbs / 4.5-18.5kg
Gussets: Double
Stay Dry?: No

Care: Wipe clean if re-using. We recommend max 3 uses, once if baby has dirtied the diaper, and once if using overnight. When soiled, knock solids into the toilet. Do not use bleach or softeners. Do not soak. Machine wash at 40*C. May be tumble dried on low, preferably line dry.

Pair With: Fitted diapers, prefold diapers, flat diapers, terry diapers, stay dry liners, and if necessary you may use additional boosters.

- Hip snaps for stability.
- Tummy panel to prevent leaks, especially for tummy sleepers.
- Front and back internal flaps to secure absorbency in place.
- Larger, wider waist area to fit the baby longer than most other brands.
- Soft tummy and back elastics to help keep leaks at bay.
- Double gussets to prevent leg leaks.
- Wipeable interior to re-use the cover again.
- Snap in the front if you have snap-in style inserts.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Forest Friends

Lovely print and such a fantastic fit. The containment is amazing on these nappy covers. I usually used Little Lamb wraps on our baby but swapped all of those out for the Bayrli Outers as I could not get over how well they suited our little girl. We also needed something without velcro as she had learned how to open those. The Outers are soft, easy to wipe clean, and easy to wash. No negatives in my book after a few months of wear and still look and feel as if they just arrived.

Amber A.
Fit our newborn and toddler!

Use these and flats most days with no issues and over the hemp for night. They have soft elastics in the gussets at the legs and belly and fit both of our kids. Our newborn has skinny little legs and these have been amazing! I’m shocked they fit a 10lb baby so well and also fit my 37lb toddler who is a bit on the chunky side.
If you have snap in inserts like Buttons or Petite Crown you can use this cover with them and it fits as well which is handy!


Blueberry and whale print is gorgeous. Super fit on my 15wk old girl and perfect for fitting over our prefolds.

Mary-Anne K.
Lovely design

We love these nappy covers. They fit well over out fitted nappies, flats, prefolds, and preflats securely and we haven't had any leaking issues after about 3 months now.

Gloria French

The fit is the same as the pockets we use during the day which is nice.

Alanna Jenkins

Perfect fit for every brand I have. Nothing bad to say really.


I have a few of these covers and find they fit great over all of our nappies. I love that I can swap my Buttons inserts and even the hourglass Petite Crown hemp fleece insert into the cover (a plus that they use the centre snap and stay in place!!). After using both day and night, I don’t even reach for our other covers as these have been absolutely blast proof for our baby. Also great to see the same fit from the pocket and aio so we know how they will work for us and which snaps to use at the rise and waist. Another plus is with our 30+ lbs baby that she has a ton of room to grow with these and they truly will last until she’s potty trained unlike some of our other nappies she’s already out grown and we’ve had to sell on. 5*

Good product

Love the flaps to hold prefolds in place


Lovely print quality and very happy with the fit. I use Thirsties usually so just got this to try and have been impressed tbh.

Alesha T.
Great fit

I love the fit of these diaper covers on our baby - normally we used Petite Crown covers, but these are 100x better in fit over all of our flats, prefolds, and fitted diapers. Super versatile and not bulky at all. 5*

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