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Alles, was Sie brauchen, um Ihr Baby rund um die Uhr mit dem integrierten Bayrli-System zu wickeln.

Bayrli-Stoffwindeln sind deponiefrei, auslaufsicher und blasensicher und sparen Ihnen fast 3.000 $ im Vergleich zu den Kosten für Einwegartikel, wenn sie von der Geburt bis zum Töpfchentraining verwendet werden.

Unser komplettes System ist nicht nur darauf ausgelegt, Ihnen Geld zu sparen und Ihre Umweltbelastung zu reduzieren. Wir haben alle unsere Produkte sorgfältig entwickelt, um Stoffwindeln intuitiv und unterhaltsam zu gestalten.

Sie sind sich nicht sicher, welche Produkte Sie genau benötigen oder wie viele von jedem? Dieses Deluxe-Bundle ist Ihre Antwort.

Unser sorgfältig zusammengestelltes Set wurde speziell für das Vollzeit-Stoffwindeln entwickelt und enthält alles, was Sie brauchen, von Windeln, Einlagen, Tüchern und Taschen, um Ihre schmutzigen Stoffwindeln zu Hause und unterwegs aufzubewahren.

Bitte beachten Sie, dass wir keine Änderungen an den Farben/Drucken, Mengen oder bestimmten Produkten in diesem Paket vornehmen können.

18 x Deluxe Diapers
1 x Deluxe Wet Bag
1 x Everyday Wet Bag
1 x Diaper Travel Cube
2 x Organic Cotton Wipes packs (24 total)

Deluxe Diaper:
- Super soft bamboo velour lining to go against baby’s skin.
- Snap-in booster for extra absorbency included.
- Hip snaps for stability.
- Tummy panel to prevent leaks, especially for tummy sleepers.
- Larger, wider waist area to fit the baby longer than most other brands.
- Soft tummy and back elastics to help keep leaks at bay.
- Double gussets to prevent leg leaks.

Deluxe Wet Bag: Large hanging diaper bag to store between washes.

Everyday Wet Bag: Our medium wet bag for on-the-go diaper storage.

Diaper Travel Cube: Pre-stuff your diapers in our convenient travel cube.

Organic Cotton Wipes: 12 colourful, soft wipes to make cleanup easier.

At Bayrli, we stand by our products. We have a clearly defined research period, clearly defined testing parameters, and each and every product manufactured must adhere to strict guidelines. We firmly believe that our products are the best products in their respective categories. And it is for this reason that we offer a lifetime warranty.

In life you get exactly what you pay for, and when you buy a product from us, you are making an investment that we will honour; an investment that we promise will perform to the standard you expect. When you spend your hard-earned money with us, you do so knowing we appreciate each and every purchase made, and will support you each and every time you need us.

See more about our warranty.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Jessica K.
Great baby shower gift!

We were gifted these at our baby shower and started to use them once our baby hit about 10lbs. They fit amazingly and last us a long time. Soooo soft too! We haven't needed the snap in inserts yet, but I'm sure we will once he grows a bit more. So thrilled to get this and any new mom would be lucky to get the same.

Gemma L.

Everything we need for our bub. So happy with this bundle I may even persuade a friend to get the same.

Joan F.

I cannot rave enough about these diapers. I saw them reviewed on YouTube and tried one and loved it. Came back during the Earth Day sale and grabbed this kit for a great price and am currently destashing my other diapers. These are so easy and absorbent for my toddler and fit her so well. I have another little girl on the way in a few months and can't wait to use them on her as well. They have been a godsend as our hard water can absolutely destroy diapers (think liquid limescale) and these have stayed soft after a ton of washes. We've used them day and night and honestly cannot find anything bad to say. Also arrived super quickly :)

Diana Montero
Exactly what we need

Really good. Just what I needed for my daughter. Has everything to get started, and good sales support too.

Easy to use

Convenient purchase as I wanted something to start cloth diapering right away. They last hours between changes even after the initial wash and we got some extra diaper liners to add to this pack. Having the large wet bags is ideal for storage between washes and the diaper travel pod is great for days out. Definitely recommend for parents wanting an easy diapering system.

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