Vorgefaltete Windel aus Bio-Baumwolle


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Die Bayrli vorgefaltete Windel ist eine wunderbare Option für Eltern, die Einfachheit und Vielseitigkeit suchen. Mit 8 Lagen maximaler Absorption in der Mitte jeder Vorfaltung falten viele Eltern die Windel so, dass sie satte 16 Lagen Absorption bietet! Mit unserem Prefold haben Sie die Kontrolle; Sie wählen die Faltung und Sie können wählen, ob Sie mit zusätzlichen Absorptionsoptionen verstärken möchten.

100% Organic Cotton

Certification(s): CPSIA compliant. Tested by a Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) accepted test lab. Free from harmful chemicals, materials, and metals. Sedex certified showing responsible manufacturing and ethically sourced materials.

Style: Prefold Diaper
- Size 1: 35cm x 40cm - 6lbs-16lbs
- Size 2: 38cm x 47cm - 15lbs-30lbs
Gussets: N/A
Stay Dry?: No

Care: When soiled, knock solids into the toilet. Do not use bleach or softeners. Do not soak. Machine wash at 40*C. May be tumble dried on low, preferably line dry.

Pair With: Diaper covers, pocket diapers, diaper fasteners, stay dry diaper liners, and if necessary, additional boosters.

- Have 4 - 8 - 4 layering for the maximum absorption in the center of the prefold (if pad folded you have 16 layers of absorption!) - Prefold diapers are extremely versatile as you can choose the fold style to best suit your baby.
- May be pad folded to fit inside of pocket diapers, or used under diaper covers.
- Can double as a burp cloth, swaddle, changing mat cover, etc.
- Are a wonderful choice if you do not have access to a dryer as they are fast to dry on the line.
- Can be used both day or night and are easily boostable.
- Can be worn around the baby like a fitted diaper with the use of a diaper fastener.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

Use these with the Bayrli everyday pockets and find them great. Very absorbent and haven’t gotten stiff even though we air dry only.

Evelyn Sora
As good as Grovia

Grovia make a similar product and these were as good so its money well spent. Actually felt these were a bit thicker so maybe they will fare better overnight? Only tried a few times but so far s good can have no complaints

Hannah Moyer
Very eco friendly

Loved the minimal packaging and that everything could be recycled or composted.
We opted for the organic cotton prefolds to be more sustainable. They remained soft, maybe even softer! after washing and hold a lot.
Also love the ethos behind this company - well done!! 🤩

Alain Renauld

Very good. Happy with purchasing so far. Will update if anything changes.

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