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Farbe: Ocean Giants

Die Bayrli Deluxe-Windel ist die einzige Windel, die Sie jemals brauchen werden.

Wir wissen, dass dies eine großartige Aussage ist, aber wir haben Monate darauf verwendet, dies zu entwerfen und zu optimieren, um Ihnen das ultimative Windeln zu bieten. Wenn Materialwissenschaft auf durchdachtes Design trifft, erhalten Sie Folgendes.

Sorgfältig hergestellt aus einem superweichen und atmungsaktiven Bambus-Velours-Futter, das sich unglaublich glatt auf der Haut Ihres Babys anfühlt, einer wasserdichten Außenschicht und sorgfältig platzierten Hüftdruckknöpfen und dehnbaren Gummibändern, um der Windel zusätzliche Stabilität an Ihrem Baby zu verleihen ist eine auslaufsichere Allround-Windel.

Unser Stoff sorgt dafür, dass es Ihrem Baby immer bequem ist, da die einzigartige Struktur eine gleichmäßige Wärme- und Dampfableitung ermöglicht. Und machen Sie sich keine Sorgen über Masse - dies ist eine extrem dehnbare, bequeme und eng anliegende Windel.

Jede unserer Deluxe All-in-One-Windeln wird mit einem einrastenden Bambus-Velours-Booster aus Bambus-Baumwolle geliefert.

Wählen Sie aus einer coolen Palette von Drucken und Farben. Unsere Deluxe-Windeln bestehen zu 100 % aus recyceltem Material aus gebrauchten Plastikflaschen!

Mit einer lebenslangen Garantie gibt es nichts Vergleichbares. Zeitraum.

Waterproof shell: 100% polyester
- 1 layer bamboo velour lining (55% bamboo, 25% organic cotton, 20% polyester)
- Central soakage area 3 layers bamboo cotton (70% Bamboo, 30% organic cotton).
- 3 layers bamboo cotton (70% Bamboo, 30% organic cotton), topped with bamboo velour (55% bamboo, 25% organic cotton, 20% polyester)

Certification(s): CPSIA compliant. Tested by a Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) accepted test lab. Free from harmful chemicals, materials, and metals.

Style: All-in-One Diaper
Size: 10-40lbs / 4.5-18.5kg
Gussets: Double
Stay Dry?: No, but moisture wicking.

Care: When soiled, knock solids into toilet. Do not use bleach or softeners. Do not soak. Machine wash at 40*C. May be tumble dried on low, preferably line dry.

Pair With: Stay dry liners, additional boosters if necessary.

- Super soft bamboo velour lining to go against baby’s skin.
- Snap-in booster for extra absorbency included.
- Hip snaps for stability.
- Tummy panel to prevent leaks, especially for tummy sleepers.
- Larger, wider waist area to fit the baby longer than most other brands.
- Soft tummy and back elastics to help keep leaks at bay.
- Double gussets to prevent leg leaks.

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews

Definitely best brand we've tried so far

Katie W.

If you’ve been looking for a cloth diaper for a heavy wetter, this is it.
Our boy pees through every AIO. We were recommended so many brands and basically wasted our time and money until we found this amazing diaper!
Lasted through our afternoon naps, long car journeys, and even a few times overnight!
Genuinely impressed and cannot say how happy I truly am to have found these. Bonus is that you don’t need anything else as it’s wicking, comes with a booster, and is legitimately bomb proof!

So mama’s of heavy wetters: it works!

Jane Leary
Can’t imagine another aio better!

This has been an absolute treat to find the perfect diaper. The deluxe has lasted us through nap times, longer than planned car trips, and overnights for my twin heavy wetters. We bought a kit first and then loved these so much and came back for more.
They always want to match so having the diaper in stock is great as we ordered 10 more for the boys and just ordered a bunch on pre-order since they’ll be here soon.
Honestly the best diaper around!

Thanks from us all,

AIO sooo amazing!

This AIO has so many incredible features. Having cloth diapered 4 kids, I can honestly say this AIO is ideal. The sizing is generous, this will fit to potty learning. The PUL is supple, the inner velour is so soft, the winged tabs are stretchy for a great hug around baby, but elastics are gentle. The absorbency without the snap in inserts is great on its own for a couple hours and the added snap in the diaper has lasted through a big nap, we’ve not tested through the night but I feel it is absolutely plausible that it would hold for a good 8+ hrs.

Kim Montana

Don't know how they do it. Soft as a pillow, and it stays that way. Unbelievable.

Jane McKillian

Probably the best AIO we’ve ever had. So soft and easy to fit on our kids and love that it comes with the booster. We aren’t using it now and still getting 3-4 hours between nappy changes.
I wanted a natural AIO and we have hard water so it’s so hard to find something that doesn’t become stiff as a board after a few washes. These stay soft. Honestly maybe even softer than when they’re new!! I actually came back and ordered more now for our little man because we love them so much.
Glad to support a business who gives back too. It’s nice to see the ethics behind a company be so transparent.

Lanae McQuillin
Amazing diaper HIGHLY recommend

My son has been a flooder and big time heavy wetter ever since he was little (he’s 3 years now) so night times were definitely a challenge. Never owned a AIO, so I purchased this one Deluxe one to just try out and “see how it goes” little man sleeps from 8pm-8-9am and unless I use my nightly inserts I’d get leaks and have to change everything in his bed. Sometimes I would forget or family would put him in the wrong diaper.

This Deluxe diaper is amazingly soft even after a couple of uses! Like rub your face on soft and forget that it’s used as your kids diaper haha the whale print is beautiful (hoping for more whale prints in the future hint hint) My son just woke and the diaper wasn’t even completely full!! He could have gone a few more hours with no issues with the diaper holding everything. Extremely impressed and will be buying more of the Deluxe diapers. I loved that it’s customizable and an insert can be taken out if needed. The quality is also great. My orders have been shipped quickly and wonderfully impressed with all my Bayrli products ❤️


Durable and soft and fits great! Our favorite diaper to reach for by far for day and night🤩

Ashley Varney
Great bedtime diaper

Great bedtime diaper, it fits my 27lb baby well. It’s so incredibly soft and we haven’t had any leaks 🙌 I was shocked! I reviewed it on YouTube if you’d like to see it you can search crustsontuesdays

Zero Leaks

Nothing more to say really. Never leaked in a week of use. Lovely colours. So soft. Love the sounds the buttons makes when they pop, so pleasing haha. All in all I’m very happy.

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