How to get the best cloth diaper fit

The first question we get from parents who are new to cloth diapers is how to fit them on their little baby. So we’ve created this quick guide just for you.

We’re going to take you through the best way to fit your reusable diapers and adjust the fit as you wish. There are many ways to fit your cloth diapers and the first factor in this equation is the brand and style you use, as not all styles are going to be the same and all brands are likely going to differ.

Getting the right fit takes a little practice, but this won’t take long. Some parents need up to a week to figure out what’s best for their baby but make sure you take this time to experiment. And remember, more than one fit may work just fine for your little one. Some parents are reluctant to take time to experiment with diaper fit but it will help prevent leaks, ensure your baby is comfortable, and reduce clothing and linen changes.

Bayrli diapers are leakproof, but they need the right fit to do their thing.

Step by step

  1. Sit the cloth diaper under your baby’s bum, right above the bum crack.
  2. Pull the opposite end of the diaper through your baby's legs to the front.
  3. Make sure the diaper is high enough at the front and sitting under the belly button.
  4. Pull the tabs and secure in place on your baby at the waist. If the diaper uses a hook and loop, simply stick in place.
  5. Check that the diaper’s elastic gussets sit in your baby’s leg creases and there is no pinching.
  6. Adjust the rise snaps to fit your baby if needed. If they seem to draw the diaper up too tightly, simply choose a looser setting, but be mindful there are no gaps at the legs.
  7. Any excess fabric at the front of the diaper should be pushed upwards under the waist area - even at the hips. This allows the fit to remain in place and no leakage.
  8. There should be enough space for two fingers at the front. This isn’t a golden rule, but is so much more comfortable for your little one and allows them to move around.

Tips for achieving the perfect cloth diaper fit

  • Check that your cloth diaper covers the bum crack to stop poo escaping at the back, and the diaper is high enough at the front, this is especially important for boys.
  • For boys make sure to add more absorbency at the front.
  • For girls make sure to add more absorbency at the crutch of the diaper.
  • Squeeze the diaper, so it sits in the creases and check the fit for pinching.
  • Check that the elastic gussets sit in the leg creases and there are no gaps.
  • Check that the diaper isn’t too tight around the legs and the waist.
  • Look at your baby! There is often an instant facial expression if something is too tight or uncomfortable.

A final note on observing red marks when removing your diaper: gentle pink marks and light red marks are fine. You may see these referred to as 'sock marks'. These are simply from light compression and is no reason for concern. However, anything darker or those red marks which don’t disappear within 15 minutes means the diaper is too tight.