Can I use cloth diapers when my baby starts eating solids?

We’re often asked ‘What’s the best way to use cloth diapers when my baby starts eating solid foods?’ 

When your baby dirties in their diaper you should change them as soon as possible. If your baby is exclusively breast fed, their poo is water soluble and you do not need to rinse the diapers - unless of course you wish to!

You may simply put these dirty diapers in your diaper pail, bin, or wet bag until wash day. If your baby is on formula or has started solid foods, you will need to remove as much poo before storing the diapers and washing them. You may utilise a diaper sprayer or hang the diaper into the toilet and try to flush most of the poo off. Reusable diaper liners are a great addition to any diaper and can make clean up much easier.

We also encourage you to take at look at our guide to storing your dirty cloth diapers between washes.