Are Cloth Diapers Hygienic?

When most think about choosing reusable cloth diapers for their baby, the idea surrounding washing stops some parents in their tracks.

Do I really put dirty diapers in my washing machine? Is it safe? Is it sanitary? The answer to these questions is a very easy YES!

When wash day comes for your baby’s dirty cloth diapers you can simply place them into your washing machine, do a pre-wash cycle to get rid of the bulk of the nasties and then do a long, hot main wash to really deep clean your diapers and get them ready for their next wear.

How do you ensure that you keep your diapers and accessories as clean as possible? Have a good wash routine, wash every 2-4 days, keep your washing machine clean, and use the appropriate amount of detergent for your water hardness and size of your laundry load. Follow these simple steps and you’ve got yourself one sanitary set up and some lovely, clean reusable diapers for your child.

Need some extra reassurance that it’s okay to place poopy diapers in the washing machine? Think of it this way - if clothing becomes soiled by your baby’s poop, you wash that in your machine and don’t bat an eyelid - so nothing to worry about here.

Did you know that you should also clean your washing machine itself? The ideal rate of machine cleaning is about once per month to ensure that you have no build up from clothes, fibers, hard water deposits, or any objects stuck in your filters.

Have you any questions you want answered about washing reusable cloth diapers? Do you need some guidance on what the best washing machine settings are for your diaper laundry? Please let us know and we’ll be thrilled to help you out.